European Catalogue | +1 860 526 9504 i Table of Contents Whelen History i Quick Reference ii UNECE R65 Compliance Reference iii Beacons 1-8 Interior Lights 9-11 Lightbars 12-19 Mini Lightbars 20-26 Lightbar Configurations 27-28 Traffic Advisor ™ 29-30 Lightheads 31-41 Illumination Lights 42-48 Sirens & Speakers 49-58 NASCAR ® Whelen Euro Series 59 About Whelen Whelen designs and manufactures reliable and powerful warning lights, white illumination lighting, sirens, controllers, and high-powered warning systems for Automotive, Aviation, and Mass Notification industries worldwide. Every part of every Whelen product is designed and manufactured in America and is tested on-site to meet the toughest industry certifications. We produce a wide range of European certified products that conform to UNECE Regulation 65 and Regulation 10. On the road, in the air, and around the world, Whelen is trusted to be seen, trusted to be heard, trusted to perform. Chester, Connecticut, U.S.A. facility Charlestown, NewHampshire, U.S.A. facility