Cenator™ Series
R10 Certification
5 Year Warranty
12 Volt
24 Volt
Standard Current
WeCan Compatible
R65 Amber Class 1
R65 Blue Class 2
R65 Red Class 2

Whelen’s innovative Cenator Series features an all-new low profile design and a multitude of unique features and options for optimal versatility. Available in SOLO (single colour), DUO (two colour), and TRIO (three colour) models.

Download the WeCad™ Designer

  • NEW WeCanX™ models available
  • Available in SOLO (single colour), DUO (two colour), and TRIO (three colour) models
  • Available in WeCan ® or standard current models
  • Multiple LED technologies are available for high performance versatility
  • Hard-coated lenses minimise environmental damage from sand, salt, sun, and road chemicals
  • Advanced Thermal Design improves LED performance during extended operation
  • Sleek newly designed mounting foot complements lightbar design
  • Clear outer domes with optional colour tops
  • Smoked domes are also available
  • Optional centre speaker
  • Optional static backlighted sign
  • Optional Traffic Advisor and Red, Blue, or Amber internal filters
  • Optional single LED precision focused take-down and alley lights
  • CP Series models feature BroadBand Blue™ technology. BroadBand Blue delivers a higher intensity, creates a larger optical image, and
    produces a more consistent colour
  • Five year warranty