Legacy® Series
R10 Certification
5 Year Warranty
12 Volt
WeCan Compatible
Real Time Diagnostics
R65 Amber Class 1
R65 Blue Class 2

The low-profile Legacy Series provides 360° of high-intensity light output. Engineered for optimal durability with a UNI-DOME construction and aluminium top, the Legacy is available in
SOLO™, DUO+™, and TRIO™ models. Whelen’s premier low profile multi-function lightbar.

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  • One piece UNI-DOME construction with a single sealing point assures lightbar integrity in all weather conditions
  • Aluminium top repels hail and other environmental damages and protects the lightbar
  • Centre dividers with Liquid Injection Moulded seals protect internal components from water intrusion
  • Hard-coated lenses minimise environmental damage from sand, sun, salt, and road chemicals
  • Point to point wiring between the I/O board and each lighthead allows for easy reconfiguration
  • Whelen’s collimator patented design captures, collects, and focuses light for unbeaten light output
  • Diamond Optix™ (patent pending) linear reflector optic design
  • Advanced Thermal Design reduces the stress on LEDs during extended dwell time
  • Plug & Play into Whelen WeCan® controllers
  • Optional Traffic Advisor™ available in single or DUO™ colour
  • Go undercover with Smoked lenses and dividers
  • 12 VDC
  • Size: 41mm H x 287mm D
  • Standard lengths: 110cm, 123cm, 136cm
  • Five year warranty


  • Single colour Linear Super-LED
  • Clear outer lenses standard (available with Smoked or colour lenses)
  • Colour filters are available for full customisation
  • Many options available, consult current price list or WeCad™ software
  • Corner Amps – 1.26/peak and 0.50/ avg per corner


  • Single colour or two colour interleaved Linear Super-LED
  • All warning lightheads are DUO+, whether one colour or two
  • Each segment can be operated independently or at the same time, without loss of intensity
  • Clear outer lenses standard (available with Smoked lenses)
  • Corner Amps (each colour) – 3/peak and 1.8/avg per corner


    Three colour interleaved Linear Super-LED
  • Available in six preconfigured lighting packages
  • Clear outer lenses standard (available with Smoked lenses)
  • Corner Amps (each colour) – 4.5/peak and 2.7/avg per corner