LINZ6™ & LINV2™ Series
R10 Certification
5 Year Warranty
12 Volt
24 Volt
R65 Amber Class 2
R65 Blue Class 2

Utilising multiple planes of light in one lighthead, LINZ6™ & LINV2™ Series lightheads are available in a variety of sizes for use in numerous applications making them versatile and efficient. A great light for outside rear view mirrors, push bumpers, and other vehicle areas where off angle lighting is required.

  • Models have 2-in-1 combination warning and puddle light
  • Right angle bracket mounts beneath a side view mirror, push bumper, or under any flat mounting surface.
  • 152mm pigtail with sync wire allows up to eight lightheads to be synchronised together*
  • Optional Smoked lenses

* Warning segment

LINZ6 Dimensions

LINV2 Dimensions


Voltage 12 VDC
Amps Warning: .75 amp (average)

Puddle: .12 amp (average)

Flash Patterns 25 Scan-Lock™ flash patterns*
Warranty Five year warranty

* Warning segment