Mini Legacy®
R10 Certification
5 Year Warranty
12 Volt
Standard Current
R65 Amber Class 1
R65 Blue Class 2

Whelen’s Mini Legacy is a compact version of the high performance Legacy lightbar designed to fit special applications where a full-sized lightbar is not needed, or cannot be used. With multiple mounting options and an extruded aluminium platform, the Mini Legacy is built for versatility and long life reliability

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  • Single colour corner modules available in Amber, Blue, Red, or White
  • Hard coated lenses minimise environmental damage from sand, sun, salt, and road chemicals.
  • Available in magnetic, magnetic/suction, or permanent mounts
  • Magnetic mount includes cigar plug with On/Off and pattern switches
  • Permanent mount includes 51cm cable
  • 58 Scan-Lock™ flash patterns
  • Extruded aluminium platform for long life dependability
  • Alley and take-down options available for permanent mount models
  • Standard permanent mount models provide low power and individual control of front corner, rear corner, and optional inboard modules
  • 12 VDC
  • Size: 41mm H x 287mm D x 490mm L
  • Five year warranty